Inspired by the magic of the character design process, this exclusive hand-drawn deck is an homage to the most groundbreaking cartoon in animation history.

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From wooden puppets to animatronic pirates, this video explores the magical influences that shaped my life and inspired this creative endeavor.


Inspired by the model sheet, where rough sketches become unforgettable characters.


Play your cards right and you can take the whole pile of loot home with you.


My name is David A. Hays and I'm a 9th generation Californian who practically grew up at Disneyland. My happy place is eating Monte Cristo sandwiches at the Blue Bayou with my wife and daughter while breathing in the heavenly aroma of the Pirates of the Caribbean water. I currently work at Riot Games where I have a blast creating epic video game trailers, but my dream job has always been to direct a Disney animated feature. To stay close to the magic, I like to create side projects like this one to express and share my fandom with the world. I hope this unique deck of cards can make the magic of character creation more tangible for future generation of dreamers and doers like me.


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